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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Situated 72 miles from Colombo, 1600 ft, above sea level.Almost encircled by the Mahaweli ganga, Sri Lana's longest river.This picturesque naturally fortified  town was the last strong hold of the Kandyan Kings and withheld foreign conquest till ceded to the British by treaty in1815.A cultural sanctuary where age old customs. arts,rituals and ways of life are well preserved.
The temple of the tooth (18th and 19th century),moated,with tapered roof and octagon, enshrines the sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha.The four Devale's  Dedicated to the deities Natha, Vishnu,Katharagama and Pattini are close by.Historic Malwatte and Asgiriya  monasteries.Audience Hall Where the kings of kandy held court,the Museum containing Kandyan period antiquities.The splendid age - old pageant - Esala perahera  -held annually for 10 nights during the Esala festival(August or late july) to fete the Tooth Relic.scores of elephants caparisoned in Batik costumes,Kandyan chief in ceremonial dresses,masked Kandyan drummers and dancers make this an unequalled spectacle.Other temples of interest in kandy's environs  are Gadaladeniya and Lankathilake (14th century) 
Embekke davale which has some exquisite wood carvings and a beautifully  turned-out wooden roof .Natural reserve at Udawattekelle and picturesque artificial lake in town.Early 19th century  British garrison Cemetery.several distinctive traditional arts and crafts in this region.Hempmat-weaving by the Kinnaras in the Dumbara Valley

 The delightful spectacle of working  elephants given their daily dip in the river at katugastota.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


127 miles from Colombo and 8 miles from Bandarawela, on the leward side of the central mountains. The view from Ella Gap is one of the most spectacular scenic sights in Sri Lanka - he landscape falls away in a dizzy drop of 3320 ft,to the Eastern plains and the distant sea. This charming view extends for more than 60 miles, till in the dim distance as far as Hambanthota on the Southern coast.Tea growing area fine cool dry climate. the Climate of Ella competes with Scenery.

Monday, April 11, 2011


112 miles from Colombo --4690 ft.above sea level.Also accessible by scenic rail road.Site of spectacular mountain pass, commanding panoramic view accross mountain  and Uwa downs.Haputhale is famed for its salubrious climate and its panoramic views.The view from Haputale pass at 4500 feet is claimed by many to be one of the most magnificent in the world. Range upon range of wild mountains and valleys with the pidurutalagala range dominating the view stretch for miles as far as eye can see. on the other side of the ridge the eye travels to the Indian Ocean. Haputale is a typical tea garden famous for it's breath taking views. Heart of Sri Lanka's high  grown tea country.Cool pleasant climate.Misty during wet season.Market  gardening,especially vegetables

Friday, April 1, 2011


77 miles from Colombo in the central mountain region. also accessible by scenic mountain rail way. Mean  elevation 4000 ft.above sea level. cool pleasant climate and picturesque landscape.Heart of sri  Lanka's high grown tea industry - a visit to an estate to see tea production should not be missed.

Two picturesque water falls in close Proximity at Talawakele -Devon(281 ft) and St. Clair(241 ft) Also Tea Research Institute at St.Coomb's  Talawakelle where extensive research into tea  growing and production is conducted.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Horton plains

103 miles from Colombo, via Agarapathana and Diyagama, and 128 miles via Ambewela and Pattipola.18 miles from Nuwara eliya.Sri lanka's highest plateau, at an elevation of 7000 ft. in the central is the last remaining montane forest in sri Lanka and has species of fauna and flora found  nowhere else in the world,cool, bracing climate.very scenic region.fine walking country with vistas to tempt you round each bend in the road. fishing especially for rainbow trout is good here.

bakers falls

 you are certain to see the bear monkey a protected animal indigenous to sri Lanka and found only in this region.the plains  have been declared a sanctuary for wild life .Horton Plains is also good country for naturalist, for many rare species of plant life are found here. you might even discover a completely new one.

The mist comes to world's end
you cannot possibly visit the plains and not see its highest spot,literally, "World's End" where the land falls dizzily at your feet, a drop of 3000 feet,Nature Reserve opens from 6 a.m to 6p.m. Permits should be obtained from Dept. of Wild Life Conversation.

Adam's Peak

92 miles from Colombo and 17 miles from Hatton Via Maskeliya Known in Sri lanka as Sri pada, the sacred Mountain, enshrining the foot print of the Buddha. Elevation 7360 feet above sea level.Sacred to Buddhists, Hindus and and Muslims. Visited by Thousands of Devotees.The Pilgrim season is the calm bright months from January to May. Two main routes via Hatton and via Rathnapura .The easiest route to climb the mountain is from Hatton.Temple at summit, reached by picturesque mountain  track. the dawn view is incredible.
The sunrise Produces the famous spectacle of the shadow of the peak thrown on the clouds below, an extraordinary phenomenon. the view from the top of the mountain is wonderful on a clear day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


105 miles from Colombo, 48 miles from Kandy,6200ft above sea level in the central mountains.Also accessible by train (nanuoya)very scenic route.This is Sri Lanka's premier hill resort.splendid scenery and fine bracing mountain climate - temperatures average 16 C.
Nuwaraeliya is decidedly English in some ways(houses, gardens and place names) and owes much to a  pioneering Englishmen, sir Samuel Baker.This is also the heart of Sri Lanka's tea country- Nuwaraeliya teas are some of sri lanka's best-with a fine bouquet and colour.A visit to one of these scenic estates to see Sri Lanka's most important export product being grown, picked  and processed in much recommended.

Many of the Island's high mountain peaks including the Highest Piduruthalagala(8281 ft) are located in this district.Ramboda  falls-329 ft.excellent walks, drivers,riding and hiking Exceptionally good golf on the 18 hole course.

beautiful laid out Botanical Gardens at hakgala - 6 miles away Hindu shrine at seethaeliya associated with the Indian epic poem, the Ramayana many seasonal (March/April) events including horticultural shows,Fun -fairs and Motor racing at Mahgastota.

About Sri lanka

Sri lanka provides many places of interest to the tourist,with its rich heritage and culture of over 2500 years and its varied scenic spots. Although it is well worth visiting every one of them,time and facilities may prevent a visit to every place.Hence this map is an attempt to select the more important places of interest that should be included in every itinerary.Descriptions of places of interest with mileages and means of transport are also indicated for itinerary guidance.